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>> live and in hd. this is abc 7 news and 11:00 p.m., on your side. ♪ that's it. >> we remember the legend as thousands come together to honor the life of the godfather of go- go, chuck brown. family, friends and fans had the influence -- remember the influence he had on their lives. we have coverage-live coverage.
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>> you talk about of its old generally is a sad affair. these people were celebrating the life of a man who lived to be 75 years old who touched their lives and the crowd has been out quite a bit at the howard theater. they had a good time here tonight. for four decades he played his music and became their music. this night they came from around the area to celebrate the life of the adc icon, chuck brown. they danced and romanesque. everyone had a story. >> it is all about the celebration of his magazinelegacy. >> i loved that man. >> these people loved him and he loved them, too. he made jokes about all the attention. >> i love taking pictures and signing autographs. there was a time 55 years ago
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out of the only people interested in me was the police. gretzky ended up in prison and where for a few cartons of cigarettes, an inmate made him a guitar. he invented something called go- go. >> my fans keep me going. iquex in the crowd were a city councilwoman, his daughter and fellow go-goer sugar babe. >> as big as the redskins, chuck brown. they are celebrating a life along this part of seventh which is also called chuck brown way. >> --his manager issued a statement. chuck did not perform for least
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two months. funeral arrangements are pending. we will find out more in an announcement coming from the family according to that statement. >> good deal. thank you. we have been talking about shock over the years and we spoke with him two years ago. around many who look up to him and his accomplishments, he told us who he looks up to. >> this man is my idol. and my son bill, i looked up to my kids. i look up to my children, you know. i just love them so much. >> chuck brown was referring to his daughter and his two sons. he told us that his dream was for his children to succeed in life and they pursued that and
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he beamed with pride when they graduate from college. in addition to spike lee artists all the world are remembering his impact on the music world. >> fans are right here in our region. fans were celebrating his greatest hits and how they influenced their lives. we report from forestville. >> the sadness turns into celebration tonight at peso factory theatre. die-hard fans danced to the songs that defined the adc sound. >> he was a family member. i am glad we're celebrating today. >> hours earlier things took a turn for the sad. condolences came pouring in. >> he is going to be terribly messy. >> the godfather of go-go left his mark.
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-- he is going to be terribly missed. young made sure he was on hand to see brown inducted into the hall of fame. >> he was elated. >> he said, he hung in there with it. >> it is the song that put the d.c. legend on the map. no one knows better than the man who put the song on the airwaves. >> it was devastating. i knew chuck had been very sick. but still you're never prepared for that call. >> in addition to the fans who have gathered together tonight,
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many of you have been writing about chuck brown on our facebook page. we ask you to share with us your favorite chuck brown memory. i took a picture with him on july 2 of last year. he was such a sweet man. and a favorite memory. in 2010, we did s story -- a story. you can watch the report on our website, >> we will miss him. also breaking news from the district where a police chase ended with a vehicle being pursued at a crash into several other vehicles. this chase ended in the 3400 block of north dakota ave. officers pursued the vehicle for an armed robbery. the suspect it turns out may be
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wanted for other crimes as well. also drivers out there beware. the police in the district plan to more than double the number of speed cameras and red light cameras. we have more on why that is only part of the story. >> that is right. city leaders insist adding more traffic enforcement cameras like the one behind me, they think it will improve safety for everyone. we also know that it will make this city a lot more money. travers' better beware when rolling through the nation's capital. city officials plan on adding 88 more red light and speed cameras throughout the district. >> that is almost on every street. >> to go with the 78 already installed. he recently got busted for blowing through our red light. how many have you gotten? >> two of them so far. >> opponents insist more cameras are about generating
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easy revenue. there are expected to bring in another $25 million a year. >> they're collecting this money and not fixing our roads. they should do something useful with the money. correct the cameras will ticket drivers for blocking. >> i have problems getting across the street. they block the walkway. it is an excellent idea. >> it is time for people to consider their speed and others while driving through the district. >> you cannot -- you will get there eventually. i got to get home to, for reals. >> with some any additional traffic enforcement cameras on the verizon, there is a push to reduce the cost of the traffic violation fine. we will see if that happens.
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>> the power behind face but -- facebook. wereconnecting with the past can run the future. we talked to a local man willing to talk about what happened to him. >> this professional father of two asked we keep his identity private. the story of his two decade-long seemingly good marriage came down to a phone call from a stranger. " she said i hate to have to tell you this but my husband and your wife for having an affair. " she said the affair began with an innocent right connection over the internet. >> he is not sure if it began on
11:10 pm or facebook. >> she had been unhappy for a number of years. >> the social media provided an escape. >> any marriage is up for grabs on facebook. >> at least 20% of her cases involve illicit relationships that began on facebook. >> people have these fantasies what would it be like if i had stayed with my high-school sweetheart? >> facebook fantasies turned to real cases for this private investigator. >> 99.5% of the time our clients are not in great marriages. >> there is even the website where the victims of such adultery can go for support. >> i do not have any resentment toward facebook or classmates. >> that despite the fact his marriage ended. he is a regular user of facebook. >> i personally do not think they are evil or harmful at all. >> experts agree.
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facebook does not commit adultery. people do. >> i do not think the design was for people to commit adultery but it is making it easy for people to look up. >> we checked with outside and they had no comment. 80% of cases involve evidence pulled off facebook pages and used in court. using your words and pictures against you and track where you have been. >> coming up, a big change for smartphone owners. why your bill is about to go up. crack's a local fisherman caught this monstrosity in the potomac. local fishermen say they are not surprised. we will tell you why. >> tonight and nasty storm in new england. nothing around us. i will tell you all the details
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>> 7 is on your side with changes for verizon customers. even customers who have on limited data plans will have to switch over when they upgrade to the 4g network. >> a historic catch of the frankenfish. more about the snakehead fish that weighs in at 18 pounds. >> a butt-ugly 18 pounds. there is a new angle to this catch that was a bit unexpected. >> they are native to asia and not our area. it has been a decade since there were first confirmed to be in our area. this fish is expected to set not
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in national but a world record for the largest snake had ever caught. the most surprising thing is people on the potomac are not surprised. tonight at the wharf in southwest, sonny and jeff unloaded dozens of catfish they had caught. neither father nor son is surprised. >> anything is possible in the potomac river nowadays. >> you caught when yourself? >> i have. >> he is not alone. >> they fight hard. >> juan duran is the man caught the monster fish. the fish is likely to break the previous record set in japan by over 1 pound. shockingly, no one is shot. >> i have seen two of them. there were huge. >> he says he has seen its nicads all the time. >> they look like a dragon
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heads. >> the snakehead has not damaged native species. he disagrees. fishermen we talked to have said it is the last few years that this population has exploded. five years ago it was still rare to catch one. >> very rare but not everyone is catching them. you will not ever get rid of them. >> a wildlife expert tells me the potomac seems to be the perfect environment for these fish to do very well. he says after years of population growth, that numbers may be leveling off but he will know more. >> they are fast growers. >> they are taking over. let's talk about the weather. >> ready to have it continue
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into the weekend? >> sure. >> i know you cannot wait to get out and mow your lawn. it will be a wonderful day reg. look at that sunset. a beautiful day after the wild weather yesterday. temperatures made it into the 80's. it is still rather warm. 72 degrees right now. this is the first month since december with our rainfall above average. here is what has been going on. the other thing, the only thing that is a bit of a fly in the ointment is some circulation that may develop after -- off the south carolina-north carolina coast on the weekend. with that last wave moving through, you can see the clouds breaking up. high temperature was at 82 degrees. while we were in the 80's look at the terrible heat around
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phoenix. 105 degrees. they missed the record by one. not only has been hot but it has been dry. i want to show you a great image from the office was s-- aqua satellite. this is north of flagstaff. you can see how dry the area is there and the terrible fires that the folks in the southwest are going to be having to deal with. back home here, our temperature is 72. out around the lake, syracuse at 50. you can get an idea of the delightful dry air that will be coming our way as the pattern shifts and to get these winds into the northwest. when you get up and head out tomorrow 6:00 a.m., some spots will be in the 50's. folks around fredericksburg into the 40's and with that northwesterly wind, a dryer air.
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% to 70's. a delightful afternoon but really refreshing. also as we get into the weekend. tomorrow, sunny, cool, and pleasant. temperatures in the mid-50's. temperatures in the afternoon in the mid-70's. that will continue right on into the weekend. still, by the way, no sign of our first 90-degree day. look at the weekend temperatures into the 80's. our facebook question, are you ready for the 90's? we have had quite a number of comments. people are not ready for the humidity. no sign of the first 90. >> thank you. >> we are getting closer. >> we will horse around a little bit. the nets and the pirates.
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>> the terrace sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving it forward. >> the nationals have not lost two at home. they came out short and crisp.
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they beat the pirates 7-4. let me take you back downtown. this is from the bottom of the first. looking for the trifecta. off the top of the wall. in with a triple, he scored and another big night. pitching seven strong innings. he is out to win. the hero of this game was the a home run. a career hit 1000. the final was 7-4. this in the ninth. taking the pitch to center field and here we go. trying to score from second. right now they are tied at 3 in the 12th.
11:25 pm
3-3 ball game, what a great play. the sea was playing host to colorado. it was a beauty. here is the play of the game. in control with the dribble. house with is that? the sea winds to-d.c. wins. getting ready for the preakness. there's i'll have another. he is going up at 5-2. a great looking horse. chuck brown's death hit us hard in the sports department. he loved the station here. i broadcast the games at virginia tech. his son was a star. chuck was so proud of him. >> my dream was when i grew up
11:26 pm
i want my kids to have every opportunity that i did not have. i want you to read from college. >> he said it is a feeling, a vibe you cannot describe. i hope you have a chance to see your entire -- the entire story with chuck brown. he was 75 and i know you guys talked about him earlier in the show. he will be messed missed. >> we will ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male
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our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wi range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you' choosing... and in schools, replacing full-l-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> are you ready for 90 degrees? we had a lot of folks almost
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700 who like the fact we have not had 90 degrees. here is one. some folks really love the heat and humidity. no heat and
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